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a rose potted life

Update Coming Soon. Hailey's final pieces will be available at

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Frequently asked questions

How do I purchase your work?

I set a date and time when pieces will be available. There will be previews of the pieces beforehand about a week before the set date. At exactly the date and time I announce pieces will be available to purchase. I announce this day and time on my Instagram, Facebook, and through an email list (you can sign up at the bottom of my website). You will also see the date and time on my main website page and in a colored banner at the top of my website. Please note that I announce the time in Pacific Standard Time.

How can I increase my chances of getting a piece?

Pieces, mostly mugs, sell out within a few minutes of the set time and date. Here are tips on how to increase the chances of success:

1. Create an alarm so it goes off ~10 minutes before the update on your phone.

2. Create an account beforehand on my site so that checking out is faster (it is the person icon at the top of my page). Make sure you are logged in before the set time the day of the update.

3. Have my website up on the piece(s) you want and once the time set comes refresh the page(s) until it is available to purchase.

4. If want want multiple pieces I recommend purchasing one piece at a time (I will combine pieces you bought and refund shipping overcharges).

5. If you can use Apple pay (fastest) or PayPal (second fastest) to pay for your purchase(s). When a piece is in your shopping cart it does not lock that item to you - it will go to the first person who checks out with it.