My name is Hailey! I am the face and creator behind HaileyRoseCeramics.
I am a full time potter as of January 2020. My work ranges from elegant and rustic to highly textured and nature inspired. I am always experimenting and enjoying the creative process. I fire in an electric Skutt kiln. At the moment I fire to cone 10 (~2,345 Fahrenheit). Most of my time is spent in the ceramic world somehow - throwing on the wheel, making a sculpture piece, hand building, creating glazes, or sending out packages!
I started my pottery journey in high school. I took one class and only went on the wheel once but i really enjoyed it. Two years after I graduated I found a community pottery studio near me. I went for a session and then took a session off. In my break all I could think about was going back. That's when I knew that making pots was what I wanted to do!